Beer Review: Miller High Life (The Champagne of Beers)

A love letter to the one and only Champagne of Beers By: MC Screwdriver “I don’t think a beer should be this slammable. It is outrageous. It is unfair!”- Anakin Beerwalker Miller High Life is identified by The Miller Brewing Company as an American-Style Lager, and it has been filling daddies’ bellies since 1903. This […]

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

As the summer approaches, the holiest day for dads has quickly come upon us; Father’s Day is here already! We would like to extend a warm welcome and a very cold beer to all those who have embraced the glory of fatherhood. It’s not easy being a father. There are meats to be grilled, cigars […]

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GOAT Fire Chili-esque Sloppy Joe

“I made em extra sloppy for ye.”- The lunch lady from Billy Madison FR though I did, sloppy and god damn delicious. Some would even say GOAT fire just from looking at the picture. Regardless of its flaming, these sloppy’s are sure to fill you up and it’s an easy one pot recipe. Something good […]

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