Dad Vlog: We Ate 16 Pounds of Pizza

Behold, your pizza eating champions.

Dad Vlog: We Ate 16 Pounds of Pizza

By: Sheriff of Rarden

16 pounds of pizza. Four dads. One food challenge for the ages. Just five days ago marks the one year anniversary of when MC Screwdriver, Bernie Boofer, Snoop J-Cob and yours truly downed an entire 16 pounds of pizza within 10 minutes.

Located in Cincinnati within the Mt. Lookout area is an incredible little pizza joint by the name of Ramundo’s. Established in 2000, they’ve made a major impact on Mt. Lookout by providing what is perhaps some of the best pizza in the entire city. Traditional New York style pizza done right in the Midwest? Astounding.

Well, besides offering pizza slices the size of your head, they also provide entire 26” pizzas the size of your car tire. And, if you and one other partner can finish your car tire pizza within 10 minutes, you walk out of the store with a free shirt and a free day’s worth of calories. That’s goat fire flame.

While normally the challenge involves just two people eating one pizza, we decided to make history by having two teams of two dads go head-to-head in a pizza eating competition. We were the first contestants to have ever done this and we even managed to do it in front of the owner of Ramundo’s.

But just who won the competition? Well I’ll shut up and let you watch the competition for yourself. And yes, the video is a ripoff of LA Beast because we love him.

We got coffee literally a minute after downing this pizza and it was the sweetest coffee I’ve ever tasted.

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