Vegan Food Review: Melt (Columbus)

Vegan Food Review: Melt

By: Anonymous Vegan Source

Melt, located in the heart of Short North in Columbus, is home to some of the goatest vegan food in Ohio hands down. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new age, hipster vegan daddy or a dad that has to eat vegan cause his doctor told him his arteries are 99% clogged with bacon grease: you’re going to find something great here.

Good luck finding a parking space near Melt.

Food: Melt offers a titillating variety of vegan appetizers, soups, and sandwiches. This restaurant is a vegan dad’s wet dream. There’s almost too many options. Of course that’s not true, but it took about fifteen minutes and a whole pint of PBR before I was able to find what I wanted to devour.

Believe me when I say this: their giant sandwiches are incredibly daddy. Moreover, Melt does a wonderful job of emulating classic animal products like bacon, beef, cheese, eggs and more. One that really stands out to me is their breakfast burger which consists of their veggie burger (or impossible burger), fake bacon, cheese and imitation egg.

“Fake” might be the word used to describe their imitation meats, but the taste and texture is all real. I almost had my sandwich redone because I thought it was real chicken. It is absolutely delicious, just as all their food is. Melt’s Good Burger, tofu wings, and 4-Bean Chili are all also fantastic options to try out.

Cost: Be prepared to dish out a decent amount of cash when you dine here. Just about everything on the menu is more than I’m normally comfortable spending. The amount of food you receive definitely helps make up for the cost, but this is definitely a place most people can’t afford dining in too often. Despite the high costs, Melt is well worth it for the sheer amount and quality of food.

Atmosphere: What really elevates Melt as a great restaurant is their colorful and eye-catching atmosphere. Their interior has decorations from various holidays like Halloween, Christmas and Easter. This really adds to the quirky nature of Melt and it cleverly eliminates the need for decorating when the holidays come around. Likewise, the restaurant itself is laid back yet always bustling with activity. Despite being a place that mostly just specializes in sandwiches, it has a bar so you can get some classic Dad Waters like the aformentioned Pabst. The combination of Melt’s quirky attire and delicious food makes for a wonderful dining experience.

Their wall has a mural with Macho Man Randy Savage on it. That’s reason enough to stop by.

Service: Finally, the service is goat fire flame. The servers are always attentive and helpful. Despite the place being filled to the brim with dandy hipsters, the wait times were rather short with very little to complain about.

Ultimately, Melt has the perfect menu, atmosphere and service for any vegan dad looking to have a goat meal.







4 thoughts on “Vegan Food Review: Melt (Columbus)

  1. Hi SheriffOfRarden, I was looking for food blogs in Cbus and I stumbled upon this post. I’ve been to Melt’s a couple of times and I have the exact same thoughts as you, nice and delicious place but kinda pricey. I have just started my blog and I will be hoping to do more restaurants reviews in Columbus and hopefully we can inspire each other. 🙂


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