Beer Review: Miller High Life (The Champagne of Beers)

A love letter to the one and only Champagne of Beers By: MC Screwdriver “I don’t think a beer should be this slammable. It is outrageous. It is unfair!”- Anakin Beerwalker Miller High Life is identified by The Miller Brewing Company as an American-Style Lager, and it has been filling daddies’ bellies since 1903. This […]


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Beer Review: Natty Daddy

Beer Review: Natty Daddy By: Sheriff of Rarden Natty Daddy. Just the name alone is worthy of a review. This beer is synonymous with gas stations like Rod Stewart is synonymous with being sexy. As we speak, I’m drinking a Natty Daddy from a UDF while listening to the Rod. Natty Daddy is, well, the […]

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

As the summer approaches, the holiest day for dads has quickly come upon us; Father’s Day is here already! We would like to extend a warm welcome and a very cold beer to all those who have embraced the glory of fatherhood. It’s not easy being a father. There are meats to be grilled, cigars […]

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Eastland Mall: The Last “land”

“land” As in directional malls of Columbus, Ohio. More on those later… **Disclaimer** This mall is not to be confused with Columbus’ much newer and incredibly popular indoor/outdoor shopping destination that is Easton Town Center. If you want to learn about Easton you’ve come to the wrong place. Intro: How’s it going everybody? I know […]

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