Deep Fried Schnitzel with German Potato Salad: Ja Ja Ja

Intro: This one is for all of you Cincinnatians to honor our german heritage, because I guarantee that if you’re from here, you’ve probably got some. The Nati’ is one of the most German influenced cities across the U.S. and even holds the title for the largest Oktoberfest celebration in America, second to the city […]

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World’s Daddiest French Toast

Like any good dad knows, the secret to a long and satisfying life is to eat a delicious, carb heavy breakfast every morning. Run-of-the-mill dads might reach for a box of Quaker Life Cereal (see what I did there with that “run-of-the-mill” pun) or toast a few Eggo waffles since they’re quick and easy to […]

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Bourbon Lemonade Recipe

What is the number one liquor drank by dads? Bourbon! Now of course that’s up for discussion, but I have seen some men get pretty hefty after a 1.5 oz cup of bourbon. Bourbon is one of those liquors that has a million and one sub-genres, from barrel proof, to small-batch to rye and many […]

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SPAM Fried Rice: On Fire

I know you’re already enticed just by the name, but before I get started here I need to tell you a few things. You do not always have to follow recipes to a T. In fact, many of the best chefs don’t measure precisely (most specifically spices and seasonings.) Watch a cooking show and you’ll […]

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