Buff Chick with Beast Battered Onion Rings: Your Death Row Meal

20190520_185442.jpgIt was just a typical Sunday afternoon strolling through Kroger with my mother, and she asks me a question: “What do you want to make for dinner tomorrow?” Me, being the family’s chef, and taking any opportunity I can get to use my culinary creativity, had an idea pop into my head.

I had been craving onion rings for the past few days, and was even tempted the night before to pick up some drunken Dad Castle onion chips. I thought, “Damn, I oughta make some homemade onion rings! And you know what would make the best beer batter ever? WORLD’S BEST ICE!”

We shopped around and got all the supplies we needed, my mom suggested making buffalo chicken, so we grabbed the necessities. Breasts, Franks, and a whole lot of butter.

The following day I began preparing my meal, with the slow cooked buffalo chicken first. I added to the crock pot the 2 lb chicken breast with a little salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and some parsley. Next, I added in the fresh veggies for that deep flavor. This included a yellow onion finely diced, some chopped carrots and celery, and a few peppers thrown in there as well. Next, I added a few tablespoons of butter, a couple tablespoons of white vinegar, and a shit ton of Frank’s Red Hot buffalo sauce. Wait a few hours and you’ve got some delicious slow cooked buffalo chicken.

After that I decided to move on to the onion rings. I combined my dry ingredients, including a cup of AP flour, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Next, throw in one cup of Worlds Best Ice, and you’ve got yourself the perfect beer batter for the perfect onion rings. Take your sliced onions and dip/fry them in 350°f oil. Flip once when golden brown on the first side and then pull those bad boys out when they’re beautiful.

P.S. Throw that buff chick on a toasted pretzel bun with some blue cheese, ranch, and trust me when I say this, put the onion ring on the sandwich. It is absolute fire.

Quality: 10/10

Final Verdict: GOAT FIRE FLAME


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