Classic Patty Melt


Patty Melt Recipe

By: MC Screwdriver

Well folks, the end of Burger Week in Cincinnati has come to an end. If you don’t know what Burger Week is, I highly recommend following it on Instagram for some fire pics of dad circles.

Anyway, considering all of the hype surrounding this and because I’m a dad, I figured I’d try and make my own goat burger at home. So I bought the 80/20 ground beef (ideal for all burgers), onions, swiss and some damn good sourdough bread, and thought I’d make some patty melts. First, let me explain that it’s not just a standard patty melt. That’s right, this is a SMASHBURGER patty melt. Does it get much better than that? The answer is no.

So, first mold together your patties gently: the less you mush the beef together, the juicier your patties will be. Then smash them into a piping hot cast iron skillet, season with salt and pepper (that’s all you really need for a good burger) and then add on 2 slices of swiss cheese (my personal favorite).

Next, throw on grilled/caramelized onions, which I make by simply adding cut onions into a hot pan of olive oil and butter. Season with some S&P and, of course, garlic powder, and you’re good to go. Then take homemade frisco sauce, which I’ll tell you how to make below, throw the sourdough on the skillet, get that baby golden brown and viola, you have a goat fire patty melt. It’s undoubtedly better than the ones from your nearest Steak ‘n Shake (that is, of course, if they’re still even open around your area).

Things to remember for a good patty melt:

Smash those damn burgers. Only smash once, though, to get that good crisp on the edges of your patties: it adds flavor and texture.

NEVER forget to season things, this is white people and baby boomers’ biggest problem when cooking.

Have a sauce, God damn it! Sauce is key. Even if the burger is juicy, you still need a sauce to just meld all those other ingredients together.

Caramelized onions are really good, and sourdough is GOAT.

Frisco-esque sauce (Screwdriver Sauce) recipe:

About equal parts mayo and ketchup

Tsp Worcestershire

S&P and garlic powder. I throw a little smoked paprika in there too for some smokiness

Cayenne powder and a couple dashes of Tabasco help to bring some heat to the party cause what’s not better with a little kick? Mix together and that’s some fire shit right there.

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