Slow cooker chicken chili

Background: In my time of being a home chef, I’ve made a lot of different shit, and a lot of chili’s too. Never have I made a chicken chili, but in a past post I made some goat slow cooked buff chick. Nevertheless, I was just kinda shopping around the other night, grabbing normal things, […]

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Classic Patty Melt

Patty Melt Recipe By: MC Screwdriver Well folks, the end of Burger Week in Cincinnati has come to an end. If you don’t know what Burger Week is, I highly recommend following it on Instagram for some fire pics of dad circles. Anyway, considering all of the hype surrounding this and because I’m a dad, […]

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Vegan Food Review: Eden Burger

             Vegan Food Review: Eden Burger              By: Anonymous Vegan Source Attention: all vegan dads in Columbus are hereby ordered to try Eden Burger. It is true paradise for anyone trying to get that Dad Bod! The food is pure gains but all plant based! This completely vegan fast food restaurant offers a variety of […]

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