Chapel Hill Mall: Death is Imminent

“Join me and we can haunt Akron with our dead mall spirits.”- Rolling Acres Mall Intro: “The next Rolling Acres.” “A scary place to shop.” Many things like such have been said about Chapel Hill Mall of late. The past four years have not been very kind to Chapel Hill and that’s an understatement.  YouTube […]

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Bourbon Lemonade Recipe

What is the number one liquor drank by dads? Bourbon! Now of course that’s up for discussion, but I have seen some men get pretty hefty after a 1.5 oz cup of bourbon. Bourbon is one of those liquors that has a million and one sub-genres, from barrel proof, to small-batch to rye and many […]

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Tri-County Mall: What’s left?

Main entrance of the mall. (Pic definitely not screenshotted from Google Maps street view.) Intro: Once a thriving mall in the northern suburbs of Cincinnati, Tri-County Mall has fallen by the wayside and its future is already written. It’s tough to watch the demise of a place that you’ve known and attended your entire life, […]

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SPAM Fried Rice: On Fire

I know you’re already enticed just by the name, but before I get started here I need to tell you a few things. You do not always have to follow recipes to a T. In fact, many of the best chefs don’t measure precisely (most specifically spices and seasonings.) Watch a cooking show and you’ll […]

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