SPAM Fried Rice

I know you’re already enticed just by the name but, before I get started here, let me tell you a few things. Here’s just a minor disclaimer: you do not always have to follow a recipe to a T. In fact, many of the best chefs don’t measure things out precisely. Watch a cooking show: […]

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Slow cooker chicken chili

Background: In my time of being a home chef, I’ve made a lot of different shit, and a lot of chili’s too. Never have I made a chicken chili, but in a past post I made some goat slow cooked buff chick. Nevertheless, I was just kinda shopping around the other night, grabbing normal things, […]

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Classic Patty Melt

Patty Melt Recipe By: MC Screwdriver Well folks, the end of Burger Week in Cincinnati has come to an end. If you don’t know what Burger Week is, I highly recommend following it on Instagram for some fire pics of dad circles. Anyway, considering all of the hype surrounding this and because I’m a dad, […]

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