Mall Maniac: A 3 Stop Trek Through Northeast Ohio

“That’s no towne center. It’s a shopping mall.” -Obi Wan Kenobi


As you probably saw from my last post, I’ll take a mall over a towne center any day of the week. The fact that a new mall being built nowadays is almost unheard of is where I find the charm in them. Some of them are simply relics from the past such as Midway above, while some still thrive like the other two I’ll be talking about on this blog. A few days ago I took a trip from Akron to greater Cleveland on a mission to check out 3 malls not too far away from each other. I planned my route, grabbed my camera, and went out in search of a story.


This post is not intended to delve deep into the history of any one of these shopping centers, but to simply highlight the day in which I spent 4 hours after work driving over a hundred miles and going through a half tank of premium gas (my Cadillac aka my American Luxury that deserves only premium). Sure, I’ll mention a few tidbits about each place, but there’s simply too much to talk about for each one. For a more in-depth review, keep up with our blogs as I will be posting them this week in this order: South Park, Great Northern, and then my personal favorite Midway.


Tuesday Jan. 28, 2020. It was late at night, and I had just gotten back from Belden Village Mall in Northern Canton, Ohio on a drive out of sheer curiosity. When I got back home I thought I would write a blog about the “newest” mall I had visited but I had a better idea! I called up my friend to discuss an opportunity. “I’m going to see every single mall in the entire Midwest region in one day!”, I said. Apparently that’s impossible, so I came up with another idea: to devote an entire day to checking out these 3 malls, in close proximity to each other, near the Cleveland area. So I figured out when I’d do it: that Thursday Jan. 30th I became the Mall Maniac, and ventured around to see what these destinations had in store.

PANA1713Weird observation: every one of these malls had a Red Lobster in the parking lot. Does seafood boost retail? Does Cleveland suffer from a lack of fresh seafood? The world may never know.


So it began. I got out of work early, got in my car, and off to Strongsville I was. First stop, SouthPark Mall; a massive 2 story mall built just in 1996 featuring a movie theater, a Dick’s Sporting goods and like every mall that has ever existed, a Macy’s. Stay tuned for the full report on SouthPark Mall coming Thursday…

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