Vegan Food Review: Eden Burger

             Vegan Food Review: Eden Burger

             By: Anonymous Vegan Source

Attention: all vegan dads in Columbus are hereby ordered to try Eden Burger. It is true paradise for anyone trying to get that Dad Bod! The food is pure gains but all plant based! This completely vegan fast food restaurant offers a variety of delicious foods while providing fantastic service. Without a doubt, Eden Burger is my go-to option for whenever I crave a dank burger.

Photo showing off the dank burgers previously mentioned.

They have a plethora of choices including several different burgers. They have a special burger recipe that changes on a monthly basis, keeping the food from ever getting predictable. Likewise, the restaurant has great alternatives to classic fast foods. Eden burger has delightful coconut-based shakes, loaded fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks with Follow Your Heart dairy-free cheese and more. Moreover, they have an amazing Sunday breakfast that hosts an assortment of foods like vegan donuts, breakfast sandwiches and home fries. The restaurant even has a fiery wing night on Wednesday which has some great tempeh and a wide spread of sauces. Anything that you eat here will leave you stuff and satisfied.

As you can see, the place is small but relatively clean-looking for being located on North High Street.

             I think the atmosphere of Eden Burger is really what helps the restaurant shine. The restaurant is quaint but very inviting. It features local art portraying cute animals and scenes of nature. In addition to this, Eden Burger has a nice outdoor patio that offers a nice substitute to the small interior. Overall, the environment of restaurant is incredibly welcoming and personal for a fast food establishment.

Finally, the service is a solid 10/10. The food arrives on time and the workers are very friendly. I’ve never had a problem eating there and it always has me wanting more.

Eden Burger is a definite must-go-to for any vegan daddy out there. Hell, the restaurant is even located next to a bar, so you can get a nice cold Dad Water to go along with your meal. Ultimately, this is one of my favorite restaurants in Columbus and I would recommend it to anyone, vegan or not.

FOOD: 10/10


SERVICE: 10/10



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