Dad Bod Collective: An Overview

Hello, and welcome to our blog.

By mere chance or perhaps by the will of God Bod himself, your destiny has landed you upon this site. And since you are here, perhaps you would like to know why you’re here.

You’re here because you’re tired of the snobby pretentiousness normally associated with the likes of Yelp critics. You’re here because you want to know what’s hot and what’s not in the world of food, alcohol and general debauchery.

You’re here and it is up to us, the Dad Bod Collective, to make you feel at home.

But just what is the Dad Bod Collective? Well, we are what the name implies: a collective of bods that enjoy anything and everything daddy. Now whether that be eating, cooking, grilling or drinking, it doesn’t matter – we do it all and we record it here.

Between us Dad Bods, we have countless years of culinary experience, be it from working in restaurants, bars and dives or from spending our time seeking out the best (and worst) dining establishments across the country.

Feel free to browse the website: I’m sure you’ll find a review of a product you’re curious about, a recipe you wouldn’t mind trying, or simply stumble upon something you find extremely daddy.

So please, brew up a steaming pot of dad milk, crack open a cold can of dad water and plunge into the world of the Dad Bod – the dad water’s fine.

The only thing I like more than talking about food is eating. — John Walters

dads in canada


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