How to Woo a Mom: A Foolproof Plan to Gain Affection from a Mother

“I am starving, but I have not the energy to cook a delicious meal”- A Mom

This is where Dad steps in. In a relationship between a daddy and a mommy, romance is important. This is especially true if things are new or maybe you’re an old daddy and mommy and you’re trying to rekindle that spark between the two of you. Well guess what, having a fancy dinner night can be key to kindling the flame! This blog is sure to give you the tools necessary to turn that mother into a mom once more.senior-couple-couple-in-bed-couple-holding-couple-smiling-smiling-happyIsn’t that cute. So how do you woo the mom like this gentleman clearly has? Let’s follow some steps!


Take your mom out, show her around town, buy her things and just spend some valuable time together. Maybe even go to the grocery store with her as a surprise and grab everything you would need for a fancy spaghetti and meatball dinner.


The sun begins to set, the mom is already impressed, and your tummies begin to roar like a female tiger in heat. What else is there to do other than to tell your mom to relax, sit back and let daddy cook you up something special. You prepare it all by yourself: the homemade marinara, the meatballs, everything! (Not the pasta, though, because that’s too much.)Screenshot_20200714-125327_Gallery.jpgThat’s what you want.

Set the table, set the mood lighting, turn on some crooner music, and crack open that Carlo-Rossi that you’ve both been dying to get your hands on. You sit down, talk, devour, and make fleeting glances at each other. Mommy is happy and screams, “Oh my fucking God!” and daddy is excited and thrilled that he once again woo’ed the mom. Mom and dad regain the spark and live happily ever after. The end!

Last Takes:

If you continue to woo like this, the mom will never let you go. Remember, you’re theworlds-greatest-dad


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